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Um... whoops.

So it looks like I’m going to have to cut back on my Critic intake, as I apparently used up almost all of the internet this month. I can’t watch him at home until May, and even then I need to scale back my viewing (like, one hour per night instead of my usual FIVE). Because you see, the thing about our internet is that actual surfing isn’t too bad, but the transfer of bytes and downloading and stuff like that takes up the select amount of time that we pay for. Apparently, streaming video takes up a bunch. And, well, I watch five hours of an online show every night. We are now at 85% capacity for the month.


BUT! I think I can do this. I can get my fix at lunchtime at school, and I can listen to Holiday Clusterfuck all the time and I can look at the Wikipedia page if I *really* need to see his face. WHICH I WON’T, BECAUSE I CAN DO THIS. And this actually isn’t too bad, really. I mean, yeah, it sucks that I have to cut back, but it’ll probably be good for me. That and it will finally get people off my back about how I’m dangerously obsessed. If I can do this, I can prove that I’m not that obsessed after all. It’s a blessing in disguise. And even if I don’t watch him for a while, that’ll just make it that much better when I can finally watch him again, because the jokes will have faded from my memory slightly so they’ll be almost new! Hurray!

This won't be too bad. I can do this. I can. Yeah. Sure.


help me.


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