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things my girlfriend says when she's on painkillers

Her: "I feel like a dinosaur! RAWR!!!"
Me: "Oh my good god this will be fun. Can I look forward to this all night?"
Her: "Surgery was good, my painkillers make me feel odd. Dinokitties as pirate-ninjas! Can you imagine how awesome that would be?! I think so, hope you don't mind. I'm looking forward to seeing you. <3"
Me: "Are you coming to the school tomorrow, then? You insane person, you."
Her: "Just to pick you up. You can still come over right? Jello... jello is a funny word. JELLOOOO!"
Me: "Yes, I can still come over. And jello is just weird in general. It wobbles!"
Her: "Cherry and lime jello. Jello later with the dinosaur movies? Zombie dinosaurs! Dinosaur jello!"
Me: "Jello and dinosaurs sound like the best plan ever. But I don't think dinosaur jello would taste very good."
Her: "It would be strawberry flavoured for herbivores, raspberry for omnivores, and watermelon flavoured for carnivores! =) It would be delicious."

Good god I love this girl. Remind me to marry her.

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